Dog Blogs of Interest

American Kennel Club

This is the site for the American Kennel Club. You can learn basic information about and view photos of the many recognized breeds in the United States here.


Rebecca’s War Dog of the Week

Rebecca Frankel has been writing this blog for several years, starting in January, 2010, before war dogs became so “sexy”. She’s also written a 2014 book, “War Dogs: Tales of Canine Heroism, History, and Love.”

Dog Law Reporter

Lawyer John Ensminger’s father wrote the classic “The Complete Book of Dogs”, and his son posts a great variety of interesting posts about dogs, some dealing with the law, but others about fascinating historical topics.


Dr. Brian Hare, along with other scientists who work with dogs and trainers have set up a set of fun games to play with your dog that can help you understand your dog’s personality for a modest fee. Even without paying the fee, you can learn about different doggie personalities by exploring the website.

Conservation Canines

The Conservation Canines program is operated through the University of Washington. One of their dogs, Tucker, gained national attention in his work detecting the scent of orca feces in a study of how these predatory whales are affected by environmental factors.

Working Dogs for Conservation

This group of conservation dogs has worked on many projects, from detecting gorilla feces in Africa to finding invasive weeds in Montana and more. You can learn about their adventures on this site.

Medical Alert Dogs

Early Alert Canines trains and provides medical alert assistance dogs to insulin- dependent diabetics who need them.​ Their site has information on both their dogs and on diabetes.


 Medical Detection Dogs

This organization explores the possibilities for detection dogs as well as providing dogs that assist people with a variety of medical problems. Their website has good information on assistance dogs and on how dogs’ noses work.


DoD Military Working Dog Breeding Program


This Facebook page provides up-to-date information about the breeding program for MWDs at Lackland AFB.


 Canine Soldiers

Canine Solders is a work in progress that documents the powerful partnerships between Military Working Dogs and their handlers. Filmmaker Nancy Schiesari and I toured Lackland AFB together, viewing aspects of the MWD program there and interviewing trainers, veterinarians, and trainees together. I’m looking forward to the completion of her film.